Aroma Nebulizer B3 (Floor Standing Bluetooth)



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What is an Aroma Nebuliser?

It’s a machine for therapeutic use of essential oil diffusion


What does our Aroma Nebuliser do?

  • Spreads scent quickly throughout a room
  • Distributes the entire scent
  • Maintains the oils’ quality & effectiveness.
  • Good for both big and small areas
  • Eliminates odour in the air
  • Helps you to feel relax and calm

There is a special application that can be downloaded and set up on the phone via Bluetooth.

Why choose us?

  • Unlike ultrasonic diffusers, our Nebulizing diffusers do not use water to create mist, hence it helps to maintain indoor humidity
  • Our nebulizer uses a whisper-quiet, ultra-durable air pump to naturally atomize pure essential oil into millions of tiny micro-particles which allow it to be suspended in the air for a longer period of time, thus maximizing the scenting effect and therapeutic action of the essential oil.

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